Mission & Format

lbl-logoThe mission of the Little-Big League is to bring families closer together using the game of golf.  Each season teams will compete for the Championship.  One adult and one junior will form a team, and will earn points by playing a captain’s choice (scramble) format. Using a stableford scoring system, teams may play at any course, on any side, regardless of difficulty or course par.  Best of all, you can play on your own schedule, and registration is completely free.

Seasons & Scoring

stablefordThere will be two seasons in 2017, each comprising three months.  The first season will be April-June, with season two from July-September. During the season, teams may play as many times as they wish, at any course and on any side. The best 10 rounds will count toward each team’s overall score. Points are earned based on the score for each hole.

Rules of golf

As a Participant of The First Tee, playing by the rules of golf is critical to adhering to the Core Values of Honesty, Integrity, and Sportsmanship.  We trust that each team will abide by those rules, which can be found at the USGA website. Since this league is scramble format, the lone exception is that each player may improve their lie by one club length, no closer to the hole, but may not change the cut of grass (i.e. going from rough to fairway or exiting a hazard). If you have any rules questions, feel free to e-mail me at adean@tngolf.org for further clarification.  Also, if you are unsure of a ruling, your team may play two balls and keep a record of both scores until the rule is determined.

Tee Boxes

One of the primary goals of this league is to have fun.  With that in mind, we recommend using the PGA’s Tee It Forward system.  Most juniors will need to play the shortest set of tees, while adults will vary.  If you wish to challenge yourself, you may play a longer set of tees, but may not move to a set with shorter distances than shown in the chart.


Junior participants must be active in the Certification Program at the time of registration.  Adults must be 18 or older. Juniors are not required to play with the same adult throughout the season.  In addition, the same Adult may team with more than one junior.


Depending on field size, there may be multiple divisions separated by skill level.  Divisions will be separated by each team’s average score through the first five rounds.

Submitting Scorecards

Teams should submit all scorecards during the season.  To submit your card, visit the Scorecard Submission page.


The 2017 Little-Big League is free of charge.  Visit the Registration Page to get started.  You may register at any time during the season.

Team Delaney Dominant In 2016

Abigail and Becky Delaney led start to finish in the Spring and Summer Seasons.  Averaging 18.4 points per week, their score was typically under-par.  Great job girls!
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